Celiac Awareness Month with rND Bakery

May is Celiac Awareness Month and we are sharing insights on how you can participate, learn more, and why spreading awareness is important. 

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease (CD) is an autoimmune disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. When a person with CD consumes gluten, their gastrointestinal immune system responds by attacking the cells of the small intestine and, over time, may lead to a chronic condition that interferes with  the proper processing and uptake of nutrients. 

What are the goals for Celiac Awareness Month?

Those with CD often follow a strict “no gluten” diet, because long-term exposure to gluten often leads to further complications such as severe malnutrition, infertility and osteoporosis. There is currently no cure for CD and why raising awareness remains the most effective way to encourage susceptible individuals to get tested:

1. Raise awareness.

Share symptoms and encourage people to get screened so that they don’t continue to live undiagnosed. Throughout this month, many organizations and brands will be sharing and raising awareness in their own ways - so will we! Share information and resources on your own platforms, heck even share this blog! The more people that understand this disease, the faster we can find a cure.

2. Learn

CD affects approximately 1-3% of the population.about how many people live with this disease and discover that it's more common than you think and those living with celiac disease should be able to feel accommodated.

3. Supporting CD Research

Those with CD are incredibly strict with what they eat, and are subject to risking their health almost every day if they are not careful. The more money funded for research will help end this disease. 

  • You can donate through the Canadian Celiac Association here: https://www.celiac.ca/ 
  • This website provides great  resources on current research, events, stories and gluten-free recipes

4. Share your story.

When it comes to autoimmune disorders, there are plenty of myths and confusions people have. Especially when it comes to celiac because many people who may have it go untested. The more stories and symptoms that are shared, the more people will recognize that they should get tested. 


5 Interesting facts about Celiac Disease 

1. In the Family

5-22% of those with celiac disease have an immediate family member who also has it.

2. Frequently Misdiagnosed

It’s estimated that 83% of individuals with celiac disease have not been diagnosed or misdiagnosed with a different disease such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or acid reflux disease.

3. Gluten-Free is Growing

In 2022, gluten-free food sales reached over $6.4 billion, and are only expected to increase with the increased awareness of celiac disease and more readily available screening.

4. A Long Wait…

On average, individuals with celiac disease must wait between 6-10 years to be properly diagnosed with the disease.

5. Celiac Can Develop Anytime

While CD is of hereditary origin, disease onset can occur at any point during a person’s lifetime, especially after exposure to food or medicine containing gluten. It is interesting to note that approximately 10% of individuals carrying the genetic markers for CD never develop the disease even after repeated exposure to gluten and demonstrates that there is still much to learn about the progression and development of CD.

Source: National Today


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Celiac Awareness Month