How to Store Sourdough Bread

Did you know that our sourdough bread can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months and still taste fresh? Fresh sourdough bread is always the way to go, but sometimes leaving a loaf of bread on the counter can lead it to go stale and wasteful. 

The best way to make your sourdough bread last longer, is to purchase your loaves and put them in the freezer. What makes sourdough bread special compared to regular bread is that the enzymes secreted by sourdough organisms may improve the bread’s ability to withstand long-term freezing. Making it the perfect solution to store your bread without the worry of it going to waste.

The best way to freeze sourdough:

Gluten Free & Vegan Loaves
  • Pre-slice the bread, so you can easily grab slices for your morning toast without defrosting the entire loaf each time. 
  • Wrap in aluminum foil or place in a sealable plastic bag - be sure to remove any air.
  • Sourdough bread will maintain its quality for 3 months and may even develop a richer flavour. We’ve had customers say that our bread still tastes fresh after many months in their freezer.

Reasons to freeze sourdough:

  1. Long freezer life up to 3+ months
  2. Higher water content reduces freezer burn 
  3. Can stock up on your favourite loaves
  4. Can save bread for a special occasion 
  5. You can enjoy sourdough bread any time