Why You Should Buy Our Gluten-Free Bread

Many people have misconceptions that gluten-free bread does not taste good, has poor texture, or just doesn’t satisfy the natural craving for bread. At rND bakery, we make gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free bread that not only tastes good, it only relies on a few natural ingredients that are vegan, high quality, and great tasting.

We put the science of baking to the ultimate test by creating oat-based bread products that don’t sacrifice on health, texture, or taste. 

Grain in Sunny Field

Who Can Eat Our Gluten-Free Bread?

  1. People with Celiac Disease
  2. People who have a gluten-free diet and/or gluten-free preferences
  3. Better-for-you Eaters (People wanting healthier foods in their diet)
  4. People who like bread, but prefer to eat bread that is healthier
  5. People who like oats  - Oat enthusiasts
  6. People who choose local foods made-in-Canada
  7. People who choose foods that are sustainable and better for the planet
  8. People who may already be familiar with oat products, such as oat milk.

Why We Utilize Oats:

To make our bread, we utilize oats as the base ingredient. Without relying on wheat or dairy products, our oats are self-rising and mimic the process of French bread-making without the need for leavening agents (no yeast or baking soda). The result is a naturally chewy product with one of the best “close-to-bread” alternatives currently in the marketplace.

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy bread regardless of their diet restrictions, allergies or lifestyle choices. We improve our products by listening to our customers and their ever-growing need for healthier bread alternatives.

Gluten-Free, Yeast Free & Vegan Bagels

What Our Customers Have to Say:

“Because it's the closest to bread in terms of taste. I remember the first time that I had my first bite of their bread, I almost cried because I felt like I'm eating bread all over again. So it’s the taste, the texture and the quality of the ingredients. It's a very clean, short list of ingredients. It's simple, healthy, and actually tastes good.” 

“I'm gluten intolerant. All the food I buy is gluten-free. I'm always looking around for different options. They had a lot of bagels and not a lot of places have gluten-free bagels. They're really healthy. And I like to support local.”

Our Most Popular Products: 

1. Sorghum Oat Loaf 

2. Sorghum Oat Ciabatta

3. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel